Posted by: Dave | April 20, 2008

Preliminary Data

These graphs were created with data collected this month.  The first shows how each test roof compares to a theoretical “perfectly draining” roof from which 100% of rain that falls on it drains off immediately (labeled as Equivalent Box Volume).  In the upper left corner a plot of rainfall intensity shows the rates of precipitation in inches per hour.  In this event the commercial media stored the most water with a retention rate of approximately 80%.  Native soil boxes danced around the 60% to 70% retention mark.

The second image shows plots of soil moisture over a week of dry days framed by a storm at the beginning and end of the data set.  Relevant notes are on the graph.

1.59 Inch Event

April Soil Mositure



  1. I think the left-hand y-axis in the top graph should be given in conventional hydrologic units (i.e. mm of water depth). That way your box discharges would be easier to compare with your precip input – you know because they’re in the same units. The mix of metric and imperial is a little confusing too. I don’t think you can refer to a volume as a flux either (now I’m just getting nit-picky, but you better get used to it an MSc defense isn’t a walk in the park 😉 ).
    I like your thesis project. Cheers.

  2. Good suggestions, we were just excited to see the graphs. We’ll make the changes in the next cycle of data…which should be coming soon, we got a good storm or two over the past week.

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