Posted by: Dave | April 22, 2008

Progress report

We’ve got some data! at least a little…

Currently, Dave is analyzing stormwater (If you have not taken a look at Dave’s storm water analysis’s, you should, they’re pretty amazing), and I’m analyzing the plants. I’ll be tracking height, canopy cover, and phenology of the plants. Phenology is basically a timeline for the plant, such as when does it start blooming, when does it throw seed etc. Specifically, though, I’m also tracking when they start to decay/rot/look gross so that I can have a feel for the aesthetic aspect to their phenology since looking good is something green roofs are concerned with.

I’ve spent the last two days pretty much straight trying to get the forms right for semi-quantitatively tracking the plants through this study. I’ve gone through the first four boxes with the my current form and phenology code and I think I’m close having a good form worked out.

My plan is to track the boxes pretty closely. I’ll alternate every week tracking the phenology of the boxes one week, and then some sample field sites for the weeks in between. I will for sure track the height and cover at least 4 times through the study (including right now) but I’m going to try for more. I’ll try and get the data up on here as soon as I’ve finished collecting it from the rest of the boxes.



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