Team Bio

Jon Kinder – Bachelors at Texas Christian University, M.S. Candidate Texas Christian University

David Williams – Bachelors at Carleton College, M.S. Candidate Texas Christian University

Dr. Tony Burgess:

Professor of Professional Practice (Biogeography, Facilitating Naturalist Dialogues and Field Education, Pedagogy of Environmental Studies)
B.S. (Arizona), 1971; M.S. (Texas Tech), 1977; Ph.D. (Arizona), 1988

Dr. Michael Slattery:

BS (Hons):University of the Witwatersrand (1988 )
MS: University of Toronto (1990)
DPhil: University of Oxford (1994)

Expertise in fluvial geomorphology, specifically sediment transport, basin hydrology, soils, and human impact on surface systems. Strong interest in interdisciplinary studies in Earth and environmental sciences, climate, and geography.

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